With more than three decades of experience in the customer service industry, Padilla Group Inc. is well-versed in delivering quality services to customers. Our services do not stop at a neatly manicured lawn, we strive to keep up with the latest technology and continue to improve and increase our knowledge and education in the industry. As a company, we spend an average of 120 hours per year solely on employee training to maintain the skills needed to continue to be successful in the landscaping and property maintenance industries. We pass this knowledge along to our clients, which allows them to get the most out of our services and empowers them to better control their property resources.

Quality is our main priority. Our team is composed of certified and licensed specialty personnel, including Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors, Certified Arborists, Licensed Landscape Architects, Certified Backflow Testers, Certified Landscape Professionals, Certified Landscape Technicians, LEED Certified Professionals, SWPPP Certified Personnel, OSHA Certified Personnel, CalTrans Certified Personnel and Certified Compliance Inspectors. Each month, our Key Account Managers (KAMs) generate and compose detailed digital Quality Site Assessments for our clients for real-time reviews of our performance.



We know how important a well-maintained landscape is to making a perfect impression, that’s why our team makes customer care the highest priority. This understanding has led to a constant stream of communication with our clients. Our team can be reached 24/7, 365 days a year and we provide a 24-hour customer care line, where you will always find someone on the other end to help.


When we perform landscape and grounds maintenance we are constantly on site, sometimes full time every day. For many clients we have become an extension of their in-house team… always there and always willing to help. Even when we’re not there, our client’s dedicated Key Account Manager can provide real-time reporting and guidance. Each KAM is attached to specialized portfolios, not regions, and serve as invaluable resources to each of our clients.


We use the newest technology to keep our clients up-to-date on task statuses and on-site information 24 hours a day. Our exclusive technology allows us to keep current inventories on our clients’ tree populations, irrigation systems and other landscape elements. This also helps us provide real-time, interactive reporting and arms our KAMs with the ability to facilitate client needs and make on-the-spot decisions, reducing downtime between tasks producing better results a lot quicker.


Each of our maintenance programs promotes recycling. We recycle and/or reuse as much waste as possible and our team is proud to be part of many green initiatives. We recycle 100% of acceptable materials, use electric equipment and utility carts, and organic cleaning supplies when sanitizing site furniture. We are also water-conscience and employ certified irrigation auditors to perform audits for our clients when we recognize water waste occurring.